Set The Tone For Your Relationship With The First Kiss

Want to set the tone for your relationship? The first kiss is a great way to start. The excitement is always there whether it is the first kiss or the third one. You can initiate a kiss or wait for him to kiss you. If nothing has happened then you can tease him and keep him wanting even more so that the kiss comes sooner than later.

Since we are in the mobile texting age and not Stone Age, it really is completely acceptable to help make the initial move and kiss him to start with.

However, some males always want to be in control of the situation, even if the partnership is in the beginning stages. Consequently, the initial move by you can become risky and you may end up turning him off.

Even otherwise there is nothing wrong in keeping him guessing for a while before he picks up the signals and kisses you.

Is it becoming a real big hassle to invest most of your time and effort decoding male psychology?

Ever wondered about ways to get into the mind of the person you really like? Perhaps keeping the romantic relationship exciting is really as difficult task.

Well, you and a lot of other women are going through the same issue. But an easier method to decoding male psychology is usually by simply thinking like men and putting on their shoes.

Having an excellent personality can display to a guy that have the capability to have excellent conversations. And an excellent conversation is a thing that men search for during dates.


Remember that you have to look out for those males who are faking it by paying attention to you because of the opportunity they see for themselves.

Women who know a thing about dates will tell you that you need to know that it is not about grabbing attention of many men. It's about getting hold of the proper guy at the proper time in the correct way.

So you shouldn't be desperate because a many men can pick that up and see you as greedy. Therefore you should invest some time in getting the right guy.

Rushing right into a man's arms isn't the smartest move to make. You should tell him that you would like to invest some time in molding your romantic relationship with him. Once you get this right, the kisses will keep coming.

Important fact to bear in mind is usually that men do search for a good and solid romantic relationship with a loving partner.

However, you might have seen that some men appear get attached to those women who don't appear to have these characteristics. That's due to the fact men generally men are reactive and not proactive in relationship matters. They'd rather choose women who are ready to open up themselves to men. This is the reason for many failed relationships.

So, if you are looking for a relationship then you need to evaluate men and do the due diligence. Once you have identified the correct men then send them the signals. This in turn will result in a solid relationship.

As and when the first kiss comes, keep it short and sweet. There is no point in holding on for long because this is just the first one. You need to know each other better before the long kisses start.

Don't get overly enthusiastic. Just hold on for so long as he does. Once he pulls aside, end it. What matters is the post kiss situation and how the relationship shapes further.

Be Sensitive With Men To Seduce Them

In case you are hoping to reach your goals in the wonderful world of seduction, you are going to need to learn how to be sensitive. Whenever a male looks at a girl, from his exclusive perspective, among the key points he sees is usually how delicate you are.

To begin with, it is critical to understand precisely what sensitivity is. But what sensitivity is really, in reality, is responsiveness to issues around you. It's an over-all sense of what's happening.


This is one of those things that's gotten such a poor rap thus making it practically a taboo. But fake impressions are to be blamed for that. Put even more directly, men are searching for a specific sort of sensitivity in women.

Here's a good example you're sure to keep in mind from some film. A young boy and his girlfriend are strolling along a street during the night, and the temperature is dropping. The girl feels cold but has forgotten to get her coat, but the boy has one and he provides it to the girl.

Okay, that's a fundamental example. But what counts is that the man was alert to his girlfriend's requirement. Furthermore, he was ready for a sacrifice. This kind of sensitive attitude can make him kiss you and fall in love with you.

Same way, whenever a woman is more worried about the welfare of man, she's got an opportunity to impress the guy. And all this is sensitivity towards the requirements of each other.